Teodora Predescu

I’m a digital artist whose artistic focus is on the narrative potential of every context. I’ve always felt drawn towards creating stories and images, which subsequently brought me closer to comics and narrative illustrations. I find them to be the best medium to work with, due to their innate ability to use storytelling through visual imagery.
I like to observe the storyline of each moment and interaction, which is something my work aims to convey through both its meaning and visual nature. Image and text are the main tools I work with and I’m constantly trying to correlate them in a way that they can balance each other. The style of representation, as well as the level of subjective or objective interpretation, depends on the subject and the intent of the project or artwork, but the main idea remains the same: essentializing information through visual representation with a narrative meaning.
My art aims to deliver messages in creative ways that are easy to follow and which can also convey some sort of storyline.