Melinda Ureczki

My overview of experience changes periodically, i.e. in different situations I interpret experience differently as a representation of an active learning process, which I constantly try to override over time.
First of all, my artistic practice has changed so far. As I have always paid a lot of attention in my working practice to reflect in a conceptual way) on the problems around me, and the conversations that took place in the project allowed me to get information in a more direct way.
On second hand, I was able to see how different discourses in different positions of power could be contextualized to form a system. In simple terms, it made me realise how processes in the real world are related to each other as a dynamic mechanic system.
I believe that the most important artistic attitude is to constantly reflect on the world, our environment and that the material or work that emerges in the process of doing so should be traceable and relevant to the solution or relevant to the issues at hand.
The base point of my reflections is born out of contemplations on socio-psychological theories, I associate a narrative form through a particular interpretation of these thought processes. The 'narrative' visual language functions for me as a thought channel in which I can represent and follow my own introspection process.