Evelina Grigorean

I am a creative person that is interested in social subjects, I always wanted to combine the two and create something that can bring change or awareness to social matters. Being part of the ArtiViStory Collective brings us closer to social change through art. My experience in ArtiViStory Collective has been enjoyable and full of challenges and interesting novel concepts. Being able to see behind the scenes of the projects that help our society evolve, and being able to creatively document and give my opinion on the projects that are meant to influence the well-being of the society has been a delightful way to feed my curiosity and also to motivate me in believing that creative work can bring more than beauty into a community.
I personally work often within the digital art medium, as it can provide more flexibility in terms of structure and environment. I cannot say that I focus exclusively on digital, as in some cases, a more traditional medium, such as pencil and paper, paintbrushes and ink is more appropriate. Overall, I employ a hybrid approach, in which the focus falls mostly, but not exclusively, on digital, and in which I aim to obtain the most out of both mediums and their particularities or strong points.
The concepts I create are based on pages of notes, and sketches, that help me create narratives and connections between various pieces of information. My work is mainly socially involved, and I always find subjects that I pass through a personal filter of opinions and points of view.

Outside of ArtiViStory, my creative focus expands to encompass the creation of personal comics and illustrations. Through these works, I delve into the profound influence and shaping of my own personality by society at large.