Ana-Maria Bozdog

My artistic practice consists in recording parts of daily life through comics and illustrations. Storytelling through comics is a way for me to share positive and encouraging messages with the world, based on the reality we currently live in. My art style changes in accordance to the subject I tackle, ranging from semi-realistic to cartoonish. Depending on the project, I switch between traditional and digital art, in order to achieve the desired artwork. I predominantly work with traditional mediums, such as ink, pencil, coloured pencils and markers, mainly because it feels more direct, sincere and spontaneous. That is why I always carry at least one sketchbook with me, to draw anything that catches my attention, as a way to live in the moment.

Through art, I wish to remind people to be more present in their lives, to observe and enjoy every day, even if it’s uneventful. We tend to be overwhelmed by a lot of stimuli daily, always thinking about everything we have to do and accomplish. I believe we should try to take a step back and admire what we built together as a community and then point out what we could improve.