Lucian Barbu

I see my practice within the collective as a form of artistic mediation. I use my own archive of visual symbols as tools to get a message across the gap between two isolated groups. The main objective is coming up with a system of non-verbal communication that all members of the system can understand.
My level of translation varies from objective to subjective, from realistic to fantastical, depending on the requirements of the context, or the level of subjective relevance of each approached subject. I try my best to wrap formal concepts into an artistic form, grounded in personal visual references and experiences, taken from my own pool of interest, composed of the magical, the esoteric and the nostalgic.
Each developed project is meant as a way of experimenting with subject and form, exploring the limits of each chosen medium. My main working mediums are drawing and comics, the shape of the translations matching the feel and requirements of the source material. Regarding my approach to style, I draw from the independent, underground comic book and fanzine scene, whether it being local or international.

My intent is finding new visual solutions for making progress visible to the naked eye - Conveying vital information as experimental artistic storytelling - Translating specific terminology into visual symbols, understandable by all.